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Daddy's: Excerpt Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 July 2010
A mini-book story excerpted from Daddy's:

Peggy's Brother by Lindsay Hunter

Another (brother) Mini:

My Brother by Lindsay Hunter

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“The Fence” appeared in Nerve
. “Unpreparing” appeared in Hobart
. “Scales” appeared in Night Train
. “Tuesday” appeared in Smokelong Quarterly
. “It All Go By” appeared in Thieves Jargon
. “We” appeared in elimae
. “Finding There” appeared in Cricket Online Review
. “We Was” appeared in Somnambulist Quarterly
. “Loofah” appeared in Fiction at Work
. “Marie Noe Talks to You about Her Kids” appeared in Proximity
and was performed at the Encyclopedia Show
on serial killers. “That Baby” appeared in Everyday Genius

By Lindsay Hunter

“Each tiny, diamond story—precise, comic, poised at the edge of surreal—contains one brutal life force tearing itself off the page. You can hold Daddy’s in your hands and feel it breathing.” —Deb Olin Unferth, author of Vacation

September 2010. You ever fed yourself something bad? Like a candied rattlesnake, or a couple fingers of antifreeze? Nope? You seen what it done to other people? Like while they’re flopping around on the floor you’re thinking about how they’re fighting to live. Like while they’re dying they never looked so alive? That’s what Daddy’s is like. In this collection of toxic southern gothics, packaged as a bait box of temptation, Lindsay Hunter offers an exploration not of the human heart but of the spine; mixing sex, violence and love into a harrowing, head-spinning read that’ll push you a little further toward flopping.


Lindsay Hunter lives in Chicago, where she is the co-host of Quickies! This is her first book. Read her blog at




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