The [Neu Novels] Bundle


The [Neu Novels] Bundle


THE KARAOKE SINGER'S… by Tim Kinsella &
SEE YOU IN THE MORNING by Mairead Case &
THE TENNESSEE HIGHWAY… by Keegan Jennings Goodman

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The Karaoke Singer's Guide to Self-Defense: A dream-like collage, as intuitive and irreducible as it is formal—drifting from families to outcasts, all caught in rhythms of shock and ambivalence. See You in the Morning: Entangling the fraught intimacy, painful growth, and utter strangeness of youth in beautiful and lightning-bright prose. The Tennessee Highway Death Chant: A deep dive into the experience of death, the meaning of life (and rebirth), and the cyclical nature of both, all told through stunning language in the only way that makes sense—with a story about teens, cars, drinking, and sex.

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The Karaoke Singer's Guide to Self-Defense
by Tim Kinsella
370 pages
published October 11, 2011

See You in the Morning
by Mairead Case
126 pages
published September 15, 2015

The Tennessee Highway Death Chant
by Keegan Jennings Goodman
231 pages
published August 9, 2016