Bundles = 3 books for $25

For those that prefer to take calculated chances with their purchasing power, we now offer bundles! If you know that you like what you like, choose from the Old School Novels, the Old School Short Story Collections, or the Neu Novels. All bundles are three books for $25! A great gift that looks like you spent more than you did! 

Old School Novels

Zach Plague's boring; Brian Costello's The Enchanters vs. Sprawlburg Springs; and Blake Butler's Scorch Atlas

Old School Stories

Christian TeBordo's The Awful Possibilities; Patrick Somerville's The Universe in Miniature in Miniature; and Jonathan Messinger's Hiding Out

Neu Novels

Tim Kinsella's The Karaoke Singer's Guide to Self-Defense; Mairead Case's See You in the Morning; and Keegan Jennings Goodman's The Tennessee Highway Death Chant