We are THRILLED to announce the resolution of a conundrum that has ensnaggled us existentially for 3 years!

Finally Finally Finally we can announce the FIRST EVER ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS of Au Dos De Nos Images (Volumes 1 and 2) by Luc Dardenne.

Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne are giants in contemporary world cinema, steadfastly radical in both principles and approach. Their films tackle social and political issues by focusing keenly on the intimate stories of individuals locked into their fates by unjust systems.

Brought to life in English by award-winning translator Jeffrey Zuckerman, these two volumes collect almost 25 years of Luc's journals as the brothers work through their films. The second half of each volume includes the shooting scripts of these films.

For creative people working in any discipline, this is the document of a master artist’s mind at work, measuring sustained introspection against true and constant engagement in the lived world.

Volume 1 (1991–2005) will be out spring 2019, to be followed soon after by Volume 2 (2005–2014).