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"On the Back of Our Images" Now Available

"On the Back of Our Images" Now Available

In early 2015, Tim was reading a book of critical analyses of the films of the Dardenne brothers, and it referred to two volumes of Luc Dardenne’s journals. He immediately searched online to buy them and was disappointed to learn that they were never translated into English.

Now, four years and three translators later, with help from the French Cultural Ministry’s prestigious CNL grant, Luc Dardenne’s On the Back of Our Images, Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order!

On The Back Of Our Images, Vol. 1 includes Luc’s journals from 1991-2005 along with the shooting scripts of three films co-written with his brother Jean-Pierre Dardenne—The Son, The Child, and Lorna’s Silence. It reveals a master artist’s mind at work, from conceptualization through collaboration and execution.

But don’t take our word for it. Martin Scorsese has this to say about our newest book:

"I’m a great admirer of Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. When their pictures begin, they appear to be very simple and casually observed. By the time you get to the end, you realize that every single element of the cinema has been carefully integrated and calibrated, converging on a single point of redemptive illumination. This collection of Luc Dardenne’s shooting diaries and the scripts of three of their best pictures gives us a very special look at the shared creative process of these truly spiritual artists."

And massive gratitude to Facets for partnering with us to celebrate the book’s release! Join us June 16 at 2pm at Facets to celebrate the book’s release with a screening of Rosetta and a post-show discussion hosted by Robert B. Pippin, the Evelyn Stefansson Nef Distinguished Service Professor of Social Thought, Philosophy, and in the College at the University of Chicago.

Not only for cinephiles, On the Back of Our Images is essential reading for creators and observers of any discipline. The journals are masterfully translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman and the screenplays are translated by our very own managing editor, Sammi, with beautiful watercolor cover paintings by Chicago’s Dmitry Samarov.

See You at the Chicago Book Expo!

Make sure to stop by our table at the Chicago Book Expo this Sunday, October 1. We'll have deals on most of our titles (+ freebies!) from noon to 5 pm. Info on flier below.


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Please join us to celebrate the release of Mammother, the debut novel by award-wielding superpoet Zachary Schomburg (author of Scary, No Scary & three other books of poetry)! Right around the corner from the Renegade Craft Fair at Rainbo Club.

Melina Ausikaitis (Joan of Arc, Aitis Music) will also perform her singular hybrid of songs and stories.

All Featherproof titles will be available for purchase at a super low discount bargain rate ya can't get anywhere else, including our newest summer release, From the Inside. 

All the literary action you need!

Sunday, 9/10


Rainbo Club

1150 N Damen Ave

Chicago, Illinois 60622

Free, 21+

Summer Release Party—or, rather, PARTIES

It's all happening this weekend in Chicago...


Robert Ryan Book Release and Exhibition
Saturday, August 6 from 7–10pm
Great Lakes Tattoo
1148 W. Grand Ave.

Join us for an exhibition of a bunch of new work on canvas from Robert Ryan, plus new prints, new limited-edition-available-this-weekend-only T-shirts, and, of course, the release of The Inborn Absolute.


Live Podcast Recording with Tim Kinsella & Robert Ryan
Sunday, August 7 from 2–4pm
Chicago Athletic Association (in the Drawing Room)
12 S. Michigan Ave.

The latest edition of our Storytelling Series events in partnership with Chicago Athletic Association, which is, as always, being recorded for the Featherproof podcast.  Come sit in a comfy chair in the amazing lobby of this hotel, have a cocktail, and engage in conversation with our main man & the man-of-the-hour. Oh, and we'll also have this-weekend-only T-shirts from Robert, in addition to copies of the brand-new The Inborn Absolute (and the rest of our catalog).


Featherproof Summer Release(s) Party
Sunday, August 7 at 7:30
Rainbo Club
1150 N. Damen Ave.

To celebrate the release of The Inborn Absolute and The Tennessee Highway Death Chant, we're inviting all peoples of the world to converge at our home-away-from home for music, readings, and maybe a cocktail or two.  Keegan Jennings Goodman and Devin King will supply their own personal brand of linguistic magic, and Robert Ryan will be doing a solo drone set. We'll have our whole catalog there, at our usual, unbeatable prices, plus your last chance to get those limited-edition Robert Ryan T-shirts.