DIGITAL: Mammother


DIGITAL: Mammother


by Zachary Schomburg

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In Mammother, the people of Pie Time are suffering from God’s Finger, a mysterious plague that leaves its victims dead with a big hole through their chests, and in each hole is a random consumer product. Mano Medium is a sensitive, young cigarette-factory worker in love, and he does his part by quitting the factory to work double-time as Pie Time’s replacement barber and butcher, and by holding the things found in the holes of the newly dead. However, the more people die, the bigger Mano becomes.

Elsewhere in Pie Time, XO (the power-hungry corporation bent on overtaking Pie Time) and Father Mothers (the bumbling priest) have their own ideas about how to capitalize on God’s Finger. Mano encourages resistance to their exploitation by teaching death to those who can’t afford to survive it. But as Pie Time and Mano both grow irrevocably, Mano must make a decision about how he can best fit into his own life.

With a large cast of unusual characters, each struggling with their own complex and tangled relationships to death, money, and love, Mammother is a fabulist's tale of how we hold on and how we let go in a rapidly growing world.  

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Praise for Mammother

Like the younger sibling of Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar, but boxier and more etched on the page. And, Schomburg’s book is still utterly its own thing, strange and wondrous.
— Aimee Bender, author of The Color Master
Mammother is as nearly a complete world as can be with its micro-climate, its ecology, geography. A life-enhancing work with great heart and imagination, the language is a poet’s.”
— Wong May, author of Picasso's Tears

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About the author

Zachary Schomburg is the author of four books of poetry: The Man Suit; Scary, No Scary; Fjords, vol 1; and The Book of Joshua. He is also the publisher of Octopus Books, a small poetry press. He lives in Portland, OR.

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