DIGITAL: From the Inside


DIGITAL: From the Inside


by John Henry Timmis IV

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From the Inside is the autobiographical account of a rebellious adolescent's run-ins with—and attempted escapes from—the law, an abusive and uninterested family, the Menninger Clinic sanitarium, budding teenage sexuality, and, among the many other expected consequences of youthful deviance, the inner-workings of one’s own medicated and shifting mind.

Much like the narrators of The Outsiders and Over the Edge before him, John Henry Timmis IV recounts these experiences with an adolescent braggadocio, blurring intensely personal confessions and exaggerated fantasies, in hopes of mythologizing himself and claiming a spot in the canon of rebellious youth. The major difference is: in Timmis's case, it all actually happened... Or did it?

Timmis passed away in 2002 and no one in his family or those mentioned in the book (that could be found) agreed to comment on its authenticity. From the Inside has therefore been treated as a found object, left entirely unedited aside from the changing of names and an added introduction from Plastic Crimewave. It is ultimately up to you, the reader, to parse out what is man, myth, and self-assigned legend.  


Praise for From the Inside

J.T. IV the unsung rock god. The Midwest messiah. The sounds of warm honey and Quaaludes. Feeds all. No adult supervision required!
— Ty Segall, recording artist & producer

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About the author

As JTIV, John Henry Timmis IV recorded sincere autobiographical songs in a style he deemed “Destructo-Rock" and was acknowledged in The Guinness Book of World Records for creating the longest film ever made, The Cure for Insomnia. He passed away in 2002, leaving us his songs, the film, and this document to piece together his wild and bizarre story.

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